Our First Book

'Ron' is the first of many books we will have available and we hope you love it! 100% of the profits from this book will go to mental health charities.


The Story of and Inspiration behind 'Ron'

Written by K.A Shepherd


Ron is told from a young age to be brave and strong, and to never show how he feels. As Ron gets older and becomes a successful young Wolf with a loving family, he realises something is missing, and knows he can no longer hold it all inside. . . .


Did you know that male suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK? Shocking isn't it?


This unfortunate fact is the inspiration behind this story. One of the main reasons cited for male suicide and depression in general, is the stigma still surrounding mental health issues today, in particular for men, who feel uncomfortable talking about their feelings. In our society we tend to tell boys and men to be brave, not to cry and to 'be a man'. We live in a 'stiff upper lip' society, but yet we struggle when men are then unable to say how they feel, and don't get the help they need when they need it.

Because of this stigma, it has almost become worse to admit that help is needed than it is to continue to suffer . . . this needs to stop.


Ron aims to open up a larger issue to the next generation, and to let young children know that it is ok to say how you feel, to cry and to struggle, and it is important that we talk about it before it all becomes too much. Ron should hopefully help open up discussion and contribute towards ending the stition of mental health issues. Finally 100% of the profits from the sales of this book will be going to mental health charities to further try and help the change.


Male suicide is something that has affected my life personally. What is so sad about it is it could have been and can be prevented.


I hope this book can be a small contribution towards the change.


Thank You!


K.A Shepherd

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